Best Deck Storage Box-Guide and Reviews

Deck box is very important for every home. This is because it is very useful as it serves multipurpose use. To many users, it can serve as a décor, while many others use it for storage purpose. Best Deck storage box are often used to store different kinds of things ranging from kid toys, cushions, to some important documents. This important household equipment has been there for a long time, and it continued to exist, because of the unique functions it performs.

It is popular and it would continue to be popular because it is more reliable in terms of storage. Moreover, if you want to keep your home neat and organized, you need deck box in your home.

Because of the design, you would never lack a space. It can easily combine well with other items in the home. They are available in different colors, designs, and sizes. This means that you have choices to make and you can always decide based on your preferences and other important considerations. It is important that you know the correct size you need when you are making your choice. Moreover, they are produced from different kinds of materials such as wood and other kinds of materials. Furthermore, many of them are designed in such a way that it would be comfortable to use. There are lots of benefits you can derive when you have one in your home.

What To Consider When Buying a Best Deck Storage Box For Your Garden

There are various brands of this product on the market today. These are produced by different manufacturers and there are bound to be differences in terms of quality. This means that before you can make your choice, you have to compare the various models and choose from them.

Because of this, when you are making your choice, you have to consider a number of factors ranging from the size of the box, the type of materials used in its construction, as well as the weight and several other considerations, which we are going to see in the course of this project.

We have gone further to review and recommend the five best deck boxes on the market. We took into consideration various reviews by other users. Moreover, we carried out intensive research about the product before we came into conclusion. Here are the important buying guides that can assist you in making your choice.

  • Type
    When you are looking for the best deck box to buy the first most important thing you have to consider is the type to buy. There are various types, look for those that provide more functions. The various types include the traditional, cushion bins, storage benches and so on. Consider their features and benefits before you make your choice.
  • Material
    The next important factor to consider is the material used in making the deck box. Since the box is going to encounter an unfriendly environment, it is better that you opt for those manufactured with superior materials, they can withstand weather vagaries. If you go for superior materials, you would observe that they are going to be more durable and this means that you are going to get value for your money.
  • Features
    You have to consider various features available and some of the features to consider include whether resistant feature.

Another important feature is that the system must be lockable. This means that the system must be well secured so that thieves would not have access to the box contents.

The box must be durable and this is mentioned partly above. When it is durable, it means that you are not going to be spending your money every time as the product is going to serve you for a long time.

Even if you were a novice, this buying guide is going to assist you to make your choice. If you do not have the time to go through various reviews, we have reduced the burden for you as we have reviewed the five best deck boxes on the market. Here are the best five you can buy with your money.

We are Recommending Five Best Deck Boxes for Your Garden

Suncast DBW9200 Mocha Wicker Resin Deck Box, 99-Gallon

Editor Rating:

If you read reviews of this product, you would observe that it is very popular and this can be attributed to a number of reasons. This box is ideal for various kinds of storages such as cushions and several other patio accessories.

This box capacity is about 99 gallons and the assembled dimension is 50 inches by 25.5 inches diameter by 25.5 inches.

Most importantly, this box is easy and simple to assemble because it does not take more than five minutes to assemble. Moreover, to assemble it, you do not require tools to do that.

To ensure that the product is portable it is designed with a handle on each end of the box and the exterior is composed of mocha brown material.

Most users like it and you can like it as well. It is a great way of beautifying your home. It is designed not just to store your personal items, but to add value to your home as well. This box is available in different sizes, shapes, as well as styles. You have everything you need when you order this product to bring about the desired perfect environment.

The box is durable and this means that it is going to serve you for a long time. The design is perfect. It is not surprising that this is the most popular box in America. It combines utility and elegance. Utility in that you can store lot of things inside the box, and thus it can help to decongest your home. It is spacious enough and this means that it can store lots of things at a time.

Another thing you can easily notice about this product is the solid structure. Because of that, it makes it the perfect box for the storage of cushions and patio accessories. This means that it can help you create significant room, which you deserve for your home.

It is easy and very simple to install. This is another good thing. Even a novice can comfortably install it without tools. The greatest thing about it is easy mobility. The brand is highly portable. It is fitted with handles on each side. This makes it easy for you to move it from one spot to another.


  • It can boast of 99 gallons capacity and this means that it can store lots of things for you. This means that it can create enough spaces in your home.
  • It is multi functional box as it can store different things such as cushions and patio accessories
  • Most importantly, this box is easy and simple to put together. It does not take more than five minutes to be assembled without tools
  • It has handles on each side and this facilitates movement from one point to another
  • It can secure tightly even in tough climates
  • It is durable


  • It is composed of plastic

This is a perfect box as it can store different things in your home. It is highly recommended.

Lifetime Outdoor Storage Box, 130-Gallon

Editor Rating:

This is another superior quality and among the best garden storage boxes on the market. One thing unique with this product is the rigid and solid construction. This means that it is a durable product. It is meant to serve you for a long time.

Assembling of the product is easy and simple. It does not take time before you can assemble them. This means that the product could be user friendly.

The box can hardly be affected by weather as it features a weather resistant steel hinges. This is to ensure that the product is always durable and strong. Even if you store sensitive materials on the box intruders would not have easy access to it. Most importantly, from the materials used in producing this product, it is certain that it is weather resistant. You do not need to worry about weather because the box could always be safe.

This box is meant for those who need extra storage spaces in their home. From the design, it appears that the brand could serve for a lifetime as it is composed of a rigid and double wall as well as high-density polyethylene construction. This means that the system is very rigid, strong, and durable. The interior of the box would always remain dry and to ensure that this is possible, it is UV protected.

The box is lockable and this means that you do not need to worry about unauthorized persons having access to your stored items. It can be used outdoors and that is why it is meant for those who do not have enough spaces in their homes.

The interior capacity is put at one hundred and thirty gallons. This means a lot of space and you can keep a lot of things inside the box. You are not going to lack spaces again in your home when you have this storage box.


  • The brand is durable and strongly built, this means that it can serve for a long time.
  • It can beautify your home and that is why it would always make a good addition.
  • It offers a space of up to one hundred and thirty gallons and this is good enough for lots of items in your home.
  • It is lockable and this means that your items are well secured.
  • It is highly durable and it can serve you for a long time.


  • It should not be exposed to rain to avoid damaging stored items.
  • It is not completely meant for outdoor use.

In the end, this is a great storage product and it is meant to add value to your home.

Rubbermaid Deck Box with Seat, Extra Large, 120 Gal., 16 cu. ft., Sandstone (5E39)

Editor Rating:

Another high quality outdoor storage deck box is the Rubbermaid Deck Box with seat extra large 120 Gal. This brand looks great as you can see from the features.

The brand features a double walled construction. This implies that the product is durable. It appears that the product is designed in such a way that items stored inside would be protected. It is maintenance free. This means that because of the solid construction you do not need to take it for repair. Furthermore, it is weather resistant all round. This implies that dent, leak or other external materials can hardly get inside the box.

Furthermore, from the design, it appears that the product can be used as a seat. This means that the box can play other important roles other than storing your items. It features a flat surface top. This can provide seating accommodation for at least three people. The box top is sturdily constructed to withstand the combined weight o the three adults who can sit on it.

To ensure that items deposited in the box are safe and secured, the box features a lockable feature. If you want a box, you have to order that separately. The box is 16 cu.ft and this amount to a big storage space. This is great because it makes for enough storage spaces. You can store such items like seat cushions, outdoor gear, as well as accessories and several others. The outside dimension of the product is 5 inches long by 2 inches wide and 2.4 inches high.


  • Large storage spaces.
  • It is highly durable.
  • It is easy and simple to assemble.
  • Serves as sitting space.
  • Weather resistant.
  • It is durable.


  • Plastic construction makes it vulnerable.

In all, this seems like a good product and it has great features that can make you to enjoy the product.

Keter Rockwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture 150 Gal, Brown

Editor Rating:

This is another outdoor storage deck we want to review. It features durable weather resistant materials. This means that it can keep your items safe from damage. It keeps your items dry and ventilated.

It is simple and easy to maintain. The product is such durable that it would never dent, warp, peel, and stain. It is designed with wood, which appears elegant and this makes it look good in appearance. Moreover, the brand is not only beautiful, but it is functional as well.

It is easy to store and the opening mechanism is simple. It looks great for those looking for the best way to store their large cushion, as well as pool supplies, and garden supplies and so on.

It offers a great and versatile storage as it can store different kinds of things. It would always keep your things dry and secure. You can equally use it to store your patio furniture. It has large storage capacity and that is why it can hold a lot of things. The opening is unique because it features automatic opening system.


  • It is easy and simple to open because of the automatic opening mechanism
  • It is durable and weather resistant and UV protected
  • It offers large storage spaces
  • It is attractive and very appealing


  • It requires stronger pistons
  • It needs more reinforcement

This is a great deck box and offers lots of storage purposes. It is strongly recommended.

Keter Eden 70 Gallon All Weather Outdoor Patio Storage Garden Bench Deck Box, Brown/Brown

Editor Rating:

Another great product and this one can offer at least seventy gallon storage space. Moreover, it can serve as a sitting bench and it is meant to accommodate two people at a time. Weight capacity is 771 lbs.

The product is durable and that is because of resin construction. Moreover, it features an in-ventilation as well as moisture resistant. This ensures that items stored into that system is safe.

It features a lockable lid and that is to ensure that the items you put there are safe and secure. The box would always add value to your home at any time irrespective of the harsh weather that may be prevailing.

It is versatile and beautiful. This is one thing that makes it unique. When you have it in the home, it is going to beautify the home and improve the home value. Thus, it serves different purposes, which include beautifying your home, storing your important items, as well as serving as a seat for two people.

It is weather resistant, as you can use it in all weather and it would not affect the box and items inside it. It equally features a lockable lid and this means that you can secure your items and it would not be easy for intruders to access them. Most importantly, it is not difficult to assemble.


  • It is durable and strong
  • Storage capacity is seventy gallons
  • Does not require painting
  • It is easy and simple to assemble
  • It is secured as it features a lockable lid
  • Weather resistant


  • Plastic can make it vulnerable

This is a unique product. It is easy and simple to assemble. It is highly recommended.


These are the best deck boxes on the market. We have done the research and reviews for you. All you need to do is to make your choice based on your budget, and other personal preferences. One thing is certain, for any of the product you choose, you are going to have real value for your money.

Edward Gardiner