How To Build a Raised Garden Bed – Step by Step

Owning a garden is arguably one of the most fascinating experiences. However, most people tend to think that owning a garden is an expensive undertaking. Fortunately, you can make your own raised garden bed in a professional way thus enabling you to save a significant amount of resources that could have been spent on an expert. Raising your garden is an easy process that will not consume much of your time. In addition, raised gardens also offer numerous benefits that will ensure perfect growth for your plants.

Making The Raised Garden

Before you embark on building your raised garden, you will be required to have the appropriate tools to get the job done. More to that, you will also need to choose the perfect location for your garden. The location should be fertile, spacious and most importantly away from lots of traffic to avoid crop disturbance. On the other hand, among the tools you will require include-

  • Shovel
  • Spading fork
  • Garden rake
  • Trowel
  • Garden hose and nozzle
  • Speed square
  • Tape measure
  • Drill driver and bits

And among the materials required for the project include-

  • Wide-mesh hardware cloth
  • Heavy duty plastic sheeting
  • Deck/exterior screws
  • 2 in X 4 in lumber
  • Compost
  • Garden soil
  • Plants

Here is the building process-

Step 1

First things first you will need to measure and mark the length of the walls and cut the boards. Measure 2X4 posts to support the corners of the house. More to that, ensure that the posts are the same height as the garden. And for additional support, install additional posts on the corners of the garden.

How to build raised garden beds
Step 2

Now that you have the appropriate measurements and markings, it is time to start joining the boards for each wall. Place the corner posts on top of the wall boards and flush with the ends of the foot walls. Drill pilot holes for attaching the posts using screws. And if you have put additional holes, then you can attach them now.

How to build raised garden beds
Step 3

Now it is time to connect the whole structure. Drill the pilot holes and connect all the sides using screws to form a box. Additionally, ensure that the posts are inside the garden. Furthermore, be sure to use rot resistant wood and in-case the wood isn't rot resistant staple heavy duty plastic inside the walls.

How to build raised garden beds
Step 4

Now that the structure is complete, it is time to lay the ground for the purposes of planting. The ground should be set on a raised platform in order to provide the best conditions for growth. Therefore, ensure that the bed is set on the ground instead of a hard surface like concrete. This will help with drainage and root growth. Moreover, be sure to staple wide-mesh hardware cloth at the bottom of the bed. This will go a long way in keeping weeds out. And in-case you don’t have the staple wide-mesh hardware cloth, you can alternatively use landscape fabric or newspaper to prevent weed growth.

How to build raised garden beds
Step 5

When the full structure is complete it is time to start preparations for planting. Firstly, ensure you find fertile soil and place it on the bed. Mix the soil and compost to ensure the soil is rich in nutrient. You should also consider checking the nutrient levels in the soil before placing it on the bed.

Step 6

After the soil is ready, you can now embark on the planting process. Ensure you dig the appropriate holes for planting your crops. The holes should be well spaced and should have a depth of at least 2 inches. And after the crops have been planted, all that is left to do is take proper care of them to ensure you enjoy s bountiful harvest.

How to build raised garden beds


Many are times when home owners have been denied the chance to undertake farming due to lack of proper gardens. But with raised gardens, farming enthusiasts can now engage in their favorite activity and still be guaranteed of great harvests. However, it is important that you adhere to the garden raising guidelines to ensure that you enjoy success in your endeavor. In addition, make sure that you use the appropriate crops if your efforts are to pay off. On that note, if you were wondering how you can actualize you farming dream, these tips will definitely guide you towards making your dream come true. More to that, ensure that you acquire our professional kit to enjoy the best gardening experience in the most remarkable way!

Edward Gardiner