Greenes Fence Cedar Raised Garden Bed Review

If you are looking for a great raised garden bed for the cultivation of various kinds of plants, then you should choose Greenes Fence Cedar raised garden bed. The product is versatile because it can be used to grow all kinds of plants ranging from vegetables, herbs, and berries.
Moreover, it is user friendly because it does not take time for you to put it together. You can easily put them together without any tool. It is a question of sliding its boards to the corner posts and this would enable you to form the frame. Follow up by attaching its caps. That is all. It does not require any other thing and any person can do it.
The timber used in manufacturing the raised garden bed is durable as it does not rot. It is a cedar tree and this is known to be rot resistant. When you get the product, you are going to derive value from it because it is going to serve you for a long time.

Cedar Raised Garden Bed

Greenes Fence Cedar Raised Garden Bed Features

Simple to Assemble
One of the good characteristics of a good raised garden bed is that it should not be difficult to assemble. As you can see from the description above that this product is one of the easiest you can assemble. You do not require any manual or tool to assemble it. Even a novice can easily assemble it. This is one of the reasons that make the product very popular on the market. It is user friendly and you do not require any form of assistance to set the garden bed up in your home.

Another good aspect of the product is its durability. Apart from the fact that it is solidly constructed, you still observe that it is constructed from the best timber materials available in the industry. Cedar is a great wood and it does not rot. Because of this, when you get the raised garden bed, you should be sure that it is going to serve you for a long time. Any investment you make on this product is a worthwhile investment, and you are going to derive a value for your money.

Unique Design
Perhaps, this is the best designed raised garden bed on the market today. It is a light tone product and it would always brighten up the spaces in your patio, deck other spaces in your home. It adds beauty and value to your home. You are also going to like the fact that it is the perfect way to grow your plants. If you like, you can simply expand it and you can do this by using more kits. The fact is that the product is going to make a difference in your home and you are going like it.

Open Bottom
Another great feature you can easily notice in this product is the open bottom design. The bottom is open and this makes it easier for water to drain out of the system. This can equally help the plants grow well as they would have enough supply of soil nutrients which they needed to grow very well. This is a fantastic and great product and it is designed in such a way that you enjoy every bit of it. It is produced with the most superior cedar wood.

You can see that the product is designed in such a way that you can grow different kinds of plants in it such as herbs, berries and vegetables and several others. This is possible because of the unique design. You can see that it has an open bottom, and this ensures that all sorts of plants can grow in it without hitches. It has provision for expansion assuming that you want to add other things to it. This product is more than a raised garden bed, it can beauty your home as well and that is because of the special design. It is one of the best that you can buy with money.


  • Easy to assemble
  • It is sturdily built and that is because of the superior cedar material
  • It is versatile as it can grow different kinds of plants
  • The raised garden bed can beautify your home as well


  • The open bottom can cause water to litter the place it is used

Highlighted Features

  • The dimensions are 4 inches long by 8 inches wide and 10.5 inches high
  • It is easy to assemble and it can be done without tools
  • It features open bottom design

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to plant tomatoes?

Can I use paint or seal before using this product?

This is another great raised garden bed. It offers the best features as it is durable and easy to setup. It is versatile and can add value to your home. The product is strongly recommended.

Edward Gardiner