How to Fix a Wheelbarrow Tire – Step by Step

​Wheelbarrows are an important tool when it comes to making work easier and is used for many different functions. Wheelbarrows can be used in homes, gardens, construction projects and so many other different areas. They generally require low maintenance and are long lasting compared to several other tools. When you consider their functionality then they are quite cheap and every household should have at least one. When it comes to wheelbarrows the most common repair you may need to carry out ​How to Fix a Wheelbarrow Tire. It doesn’t happen often and you could use your wheelbarrow for years without ever needing to fix it. Don’t be alarmed, however, fixing a wheelbarrow tire is easy and you just need to do it yourself. You don’t need professional help, you could simply follow this guideline and have it fixed in no time.

How to Fix a Wheelbarrow Tire

​Tools For Wheelbarrow Repair

Tools for wheelbarrow repair

​When it comes to repairing your wheelbarrow tire is a hand tire pump and a Flathead screwdriver. Look for a slightly large screwdriver. An additional requirement is a wrench that you will use to remove the wheel and tire from your wheelbarrow. Doing this is a pretty simple do it yourself procedure. Do this by loosening both the brackets while holding the axle firmly to the wheel. You may need a plug repair tool when you have a puncture in a tubeless wheelbarrow tire. You will therefore not need the Flathead screwdriver.

​Wheelbarrow Tire Repair

Wheelbarrow Tire Repair

​Step 1

You need to conduct a visual inspection once you remove the tire from the wheelbarrow. Make sure you do a thorough inspection starting with the wheel. Inspect it for any damages and you need to do this slowly so that you don’t overlook any slight damage. Now you need to inspect the tire and try to spot any sources of the leak. Dry rot causes cracks in your tire, you should therefore also inspect the tread rubber to see how much wear has occurred. When it is in bad condition with deep cracks and badly rotted or your thread is completely worn out, then you should definitely get a new tire and do away with the old. The good news is that replacing a completely worn out tire will cost you from between 15 and 40 dollars which is quite cheap and it can be delivered to your doorstep. Considering that buying a brand new wheelbarrow is about 150 dollars, you will have saved a lot. When your wheelbarrow is in great shape, a new tire will make it just as good as new.

Step 2

When you cannot identify the source of the problem easily by simply looking at the tubeless tire, you will have to inflate it in order to spot the leak source. Once you identify the source of leak you will need to seal it using either cement or rubber patch. You could hold the tire with a rope against the flange to get a better seal. When your wheel is badly damaged then you might need to replace your wheel. Small dents, however, don’t have any problem. You could also add a tube if your wheelbarrow was tubeless, this is a pretty standard procedure and is also considered a wheelbarrow tire repair.

Step 3

When dealing with a tire that has a tube, then you need to remove the tube from the rim. You will use the Flathead screwdriver and pry the tire off. It is a very simple procedure and once you have one side out then the rest of the work is very easy. You should, however, be keen and careful to ensure you don’t pinch the tube and destroy it further. Remember that you could repair a tubeless tire by using a plug without removing it from the wheel. Once the tube is out, you will need to inflate it and put it in a bucket of water. At the point where you will see bubbles, then that is the place of the leak and it needs to be patched. You now need to roughen the leak area with a sandpaper or even a wood file. Use rubber cement to coat the leak area and finally apply the patch. If however the tube is severely damaged and its tire is intact then you should consider buying a new tube. A new wheelbarrow tube goes for around 10 dollars meaning its quite affordable and economical.

Step 4

Now you need to install the tube into the tire, you can only do this if the tube is deflated and is a very simple procedure. Then you need to install the tire back to the wheel and then inflate your tire. Your wheelbarrow is as good as new.


Wheelbarrows are quite a handy tool and you should ensure you have one. They help ease the workload at home and are quite efficient. Considering the amount of work you could get done using a wheelbarrow, then you could conclude that it is cheap and affordable.

Edward Gardiner