Lifetime 60053 Vinyl Raised Garden Bed Review

The Lifetime 60053 Vinyl Raised Garden Bed is another good quality raised garden bed. It offers at least two beds, as well as one Early Start Vinyl Enclosure. This means that it is two beds in one. The product is unique, and it is quite different from similar brands on the market. You would see that apart from the fact that it is durable. It is stylish as well.
It features those interesting things you desired from a raised garden bed. It has interlocking panels. This does not only make it strong, it prolongs the life as well. Most importantly, the garden bed is not difficult to assemble and any person can easily assemble it, because it does not require any tool to have it fully assembled.
If you look further, you would observe that it is produced with the finest quality polyethylene material. Because of this, the product is going to be durable as it would never peel or rot and most importantly, it is not going to attract insects.

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Lifetime 60053 Vinyl Raised Garden Bed Feature

As you would infer from the name, the raised garden bed is durable and it is designed to serve you for a lifetime. This is the reason the name lifetime is given to this product. If you check the reviews of this product, you would discover that one of the good things that are going about the product is that fact that it serves for a long time. The implication is that you are not going to look for a replacement for a long time. Investment you make on the product is worth it because you are going to derive maximum value from it.

Easy to Assemble
When you are looking for this kind of product, one of the factors you should consider is how easy to assemble the product. You can see that this raised garden bed is easy and simple to assemble. You can easily assemble the product without tools. Many users are happy with the fact that you are not going to find it difficult to assemble this product. It is user friendly and many people would always opt for it. You can get it and instantly fix it in your home. If you are looking for an easy to use a raised garden bed, you should opt for Lifetime 60053 Vinyl raised garden bed.

Easy Tendering
Another great thing that you are going to like about this product is the fact that flowers, plants and vegetables are very easy to maintain. Gardening is very easy with the product, this is because it does away with constant bending over as you can take care of your vegetables and plants. It is great fun to grow your garden. If you are looking for the most affordable way of growing your gardens, you should not hesitate to use this product. It has everything in place to ensure that you enjoy it.

Dual Garden Beds
This is a double garden beds and this means that these two products can be used separately. If you like, you can stack the two to create an eighteen inches height plant. The dimensions as well as the feet are four feet each. This is a great tool and it is designed to offer you the best in terms of growing vegetables and plants. It does not crack, peel, or rot.

Five Years Warranty
The producers of the raised garden bed have offered five years warranty for the product. They are able to extend the warranty because they are sure of the quality of the product. It is stylish in design and this makes it very attractive and adds to your home. Some people can use this product as child’s sandbox. Moreover, vegetables and plants would grow healthy because they are made to retain as well as absorb the required nutrients. It would trap soils needed for the root development.


  • It is a dual raised garden bed
  • The product is durable as it is produced with superior materials
  • It is easy and simple to assemble
  • It can retain and absorb soil nutrients


  • It does not stake to the ground

Highlighted Features

  • It is produced with superior quality polyethylene plastic material
  • The garden bed is simple to assemble
  • The dimensions are 48.2 by 9.6 by 19.9 inches
  • The height is four by four feet

Frequently Asked Questions

How much soil is required for the garden bed?

Does it have something that secures it on the ground?

One of the best raised garden beds you can buy with money is the Lifetime 60053 Vinyl raised garden bed. You can see from this review that it has everything you need from a garden bed. It is durable and enjoys five years manufacturer’s warranty. It is easy and simple to assemble and it is strongly recommended.

Edward Gardiner