Rubbermaid Deck Box with Seat Extra Large Review

It is a good thing to have an apartment, but many people with apartments do not have enough storage spaces in their home. This seems to be one of the problems confronting many people in America. If you are confronted with lack of storage space in your home, you can consider using Rubbermaid Deck Box with Seat. This storage device is sixteen feet and this implies that it can provide enough storage spaces.

It is fitted with unique features such as an extra large bin and that can hold various patio items, as well as grilling items, and several other things that you want to store. Most importantly, this product can serve a lot of other purposes and the most important among them is serving as a seat.

Rubbermaid Deck Box With Seat Review

Here are some of the target features that make this product great.

When you are looking for a product like this, one of the most important features you have to look out for is whether such a product is durable. Rubbermaid Deck Box with seat is very durable and that can be attributed to the fact that it was designed with the most durable resin. The implication of this is that, it can serve you for a long time. You are going to derive value for your money when you use this great product.​

Leak Resistant
Most importantly, this brand is leak resistant and that can equally be attributed to the superior quality resin materials that were used in making this deck box. When it is leak resistant, it means that items you put at the place are going to be safe because it cannot be damaged. It means that the quality cannot be affected by weather and water. Even if you keep it outside of your home, you are not going to be bothered about the damage as a result of leak or weather related problems. This is a great feature and that is one of the factors you should always consider when you are looking for a product like this.

rubbermaid deck box with seat

Easy to Assemble
You are not required to be an expert before you can use the Rubbermaid Deck Box with seat in your home. This is because it does not take time before you assemble and use it in your home. Even after you have assembled it, it does not require maintenance. It has instructional materials and other helpful resources that can assist you in assembling and even disassembling the product when you want to. This is an important feature as nobody would want to use a storage box that proves difficulty in terms of assembling, disassembling and maintenance. This is another great feature that dears it to the heart of the users.

Most importantly, the deck is lockable and this is one of the great features that set it apart from several others on the market. When it is lockable, it means that items stored in them are safe and that unauthorized people cannot have an access to the content of the box. This is another important feature that people always look out for when they are looking for a storage box, especially those that they can put outside where other people can easily see them. When you lock the box, you can have peace of mind knowing that important items you have in the box are protected.

Another important feature with this storage box is that it can equally serve as a seat. This means that even if you are having a seat problem in your home that you can use the box to serve as a seat. This is a great advantage and many people would always prefer to use this product because of this important feature. Apart from the fact that it can serve the purpose of a seat, another important feature is that it has enough storage space as it features a storage space of one hundred and twenty gallons worth of space.


  • It is durable
  • The box is easy to assemble and it is very attractive
  • It is 120 gallons storage capacity and this means that it can store many things
  • It can serve as a seat
  • The box is lockable and this means that items stored are safe
  • It is weather and water resistant and it does not leak
  • The box is easy and simple to assemble and it does not require maintenance


  • Though it is easy to assemble, it would take two people to assemble it.

Highlighted Features

  • It features a double wall construction and this is good because it makes for greater strength
  • It can comfortably provide seating accommodation for three people at a time
  • Easy to assemble with easy to get tools
  • It is weather and water resistant

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the gallons capacity of the storage box?

Is it weather resistant?


In conclusion, Rubbermaid Deck Box with seat is a great product. It offers great storage for people lacking storage spaces in their homes. Moreover, items in the lock are protected because they can be locked. Moreover, the brand is leak resistant and it is weather and waterproofed. It is durable. It can serve you for a long time. When you use this product, you are going to derive a value for your money.

Edward Gardiner