Scotts Hand Held Spreader Review

Everybody wants to see the beautiful eye-catching fields and probably wish to own one. However, very few who know the secret behind such appealing lawns. While you may not be having a large lawn, you can make efforts and make the small lawn productive. How is this possible? You need to be sure of the nutrients missing from your lawn. This can be realized by taking a soil test after which you may be encouraged to fertilizer your field. When this happens all you need is the best fertilizer spreader for home use. Scotts hand held spreader that will help you have an easy time when spreading fertilizer and other supplements in your lawn. The spreader has the edge guard technology hence you will not have to worry about spreading the farm product beyond the fields. If your lawn is 2500 sq.ft or less, Scotts Wizz is the best hand held fertilizer spreader for you.

Scotts Hand Held Spreader Product Features

This is a great feature that every gardener should consider. Do you want to settle for a spreader that limits you to only spreading the fertilizer and nothing else? For a standard gardener, that may not be what you need. Scotts Wizz hand-held spreader helps you to spread fertilizer, seeds, weed and melt. This means that a single Scotts Wizz hand-held spreader saves you the cost of buying other three gadgets as it meets all your lawn's needs. To your advantage, you can use the spreader throughout the year using different garden products.

This is what determines the effectiveness of any lawn spreader. Fertilizing a lawn has never been easy and all you need is a fertilizer spreader that has a friendly coverage depending on the size of your lawn. Scotts Wizz hand-held fertilizer spreader has the coverage of 2500 sq. ft. this makes it suitable for your small lawn. However, if you find it convenient, you can use it but be armed to refill the hopper severally.

Scotts Hand Held Spreader

The Edge Guard
Nobody wants to lose their seeds on off lawn grounds. Farm products are too expensive to be lost at the edges. A good fertilizer spreader must have an edge guard and Scotts Wizz is not an exceptional. This ensures that you spread the fertilizer evenly and at the necessary fields.

The Handle
Aa long handle is preferred for the walk behind and push or pull fertilizer spreader but for a hand-held spreader, a moderate handle will do. Scotts Wizz allows you to walk around pulling triggers after opening the edge guard as the Scotts Wizz spreader is not too weighty and the handle is user-friendly.

Source of Power
This is yet another feature which determines how efficient the gadget is. Scotts Wizz is battery powered and this makes it efficient in spreading the seeds, fertilizer or melt evenly throughout the lawn. This means you can use it for long without the need to power it again.


There are a lot of benefits that come with Scotts Wizz hand-held fertilizer spreader that makes it stand out from its competitors.

  • Scotts Wizz hand-held fertilizer spreader allows you to access the awkward areas of your lawn. This allows you to spread fertilizer evenly throughout the lawn as no area is left out.
  • The spreader can be used throughout the year as it can do a lot of things. The fact that it can be used with a variety of farm products makes it a worth investment.
  • Scotts Wizz hand-held fertilizer spreader has edge guard technology making it possible to spray only within the lawn.
  • It is extremely cheap and easy to use.


There is no perfect gadget. The following are the downsides of Scotts Wizz hand-held fertilizer spreader.​

  • It has a small coverage of 2500 sq. ft hence not suitable for people with large lawns
  • Does not carry large amounts of garden products so you will keep refilling

Highlighted Features

  • Has edge guard and handy lock technologies
  • The year-round spreader feed, seed, weed, and melt
  • Holds up to 2500 sq.ft
  • Battery-powered 5 ft broadcast spreader


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Final Verdict

​Following all the benefits that come with Scotts Wizz hand-held fertilizer spreader, you cannot afford to watch your lawn be a disgrace. If you are having a small lawn, Scotts Wizz is your all time friend in making your lawn more beautiful and greener.

Edward Gardiner